Farewell GBS

Here is the first event held on 2 November 2020.

The curtain-raiser of the event was Darlington, 1950, with Jonas Cemm as Shaw and Laura Fitzpatrick as the Shavian actress Ellen Pollock. Written and devised by Anne Wright this short opening piece has been adapted from her full-length play Affectionately, Ellen. Ever, GBS, which Jonas and Laura premiered at the Actors Centre in London in May in 2019. Darlington, 1950 is followed by Words of Love and Loss for a Platform Spellbinder –  a sort of wake for GBS in which we are in the company of sixteen women recounting what Shaw meant to them – very different women, some famous, some unknown, from very different backgrounds, but united in their devotion to GBS. Writer and musician Helen Tierney and actress and Director Alexis Leighton, who together comprise Helix Productions, have devised this tribute, and they are joined by seven other experienced Shavian actresses.

Darlington, 1950 by Anne Wright

Words of Love and Loss for a Platform Spellbinder by Helen Tierney